What Time is it?



At long last, my blog is about to end! I have enjoyed doing this blog as a whole, but the fact remains that it was, and always has been, for a class. I wish I could’ve related this blog more to our class discussions, but for me it was more of an exploration on how to create a logo, and the work was done outside of school. Going through the process of creating the logo has given me great experience, and also an addition to my resume!

I’m also very happy I decided to go in this direction because it’s introduced me to so many great things. For one thing, the VCU Student Food Pantry has made a lot of progress and will be opening Spring of 2014. I’ve gotten to meet and become friends with many of the people involved, and I’m glad I’m doing something that’s giving back to the community. When I first decided to become involved with this project, I knew from the beginning that it would transcend my Food for Thought class. Even after I turn in this blog and receive my grade, I’ve committed to creating and volunteering at the pantry until I graduate from the University. I have no regrets about that! It may be something small, but this is my introduction into the “real world” of food (or food issues I should say). 

Through this project, I’ve also met a lot of other like-minded people. After interviewing Goatacado, I now go to talk with the people there regularly, and I also now keep in touch with The Well here at VCU. I’ve also recently gotten a commission to do a logo for a student organization at UVA Wise. This project has gotten me involved in Richmond’s food community and helped me gain artistic experience! Ultimately, the ending of this for me is very bittersweet. I’ve had a lot of fun with this project, but being involved with the food pantry with continue without it.




I probably should have posted this earlier in the game, but in my quest to research Food Pantries and their logos, I also was researching the art of branding and logos as a whole. Through Google Scholar, I was able to find an online book, called, “Logo Design Love:  A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities.” For the sake of researching in a time constraint, I’m only focusing on Chapter 2.


Even before this project, I’ve always had a sort of fascination with the power that branding can provide. In Chapter 2 of this book, the importance of logos and brand power is explained in simple and relatable terms. Personally, I think the entire book is worth reading, but to summarize Chapter 2:

  • Older businesses (such as Kellogg’s) have been using the same logo (or a variation of the original) for years. After so many years, the logos become a symbol of trust for consumers . When they see this company’s logo, they automatically recognize it as a good brand.
  • Logos give companies a face. Or rather, it’s often what people think of first when they think of the business. So much so that the logo/brand becomes a promise of what that company will provide.
  • Many famous companies can be found all around the world, and logos act as a sort of universal language. They are understood and recognized by everyone.



Keep those things in mind as you look at a majority of the most famous brands in the world. It’s very true!


The VCU Student Food Pantry site

While I was in charge of doing the logo, posters, etc., another VCU student, Jezzy, has been working diligently on the website. After about a month of work, the site is now up and running, complete with the logo! The process has come full circle. Personally, I think the site looks fantastic; it’s very clean and simple. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about working with this project and with the pantry in general is that it is very community based. There are students from all different disciplines, religions, and aspirations working together toward one common goal:  helping fellow hungry Rams in need.

rodney the ramSupport!

And the winner is…

At long last, a winner amongst the logos has been chosen! The plate logo has won for the Food Pantry! I’ve been mostly silent about the logos for the last few posts, primarily because I’ve been waiting to hear back from branding. The logo is now official! I’m very happy and excited that the plate logo was the option that was chosen (it was my personal pick).