As I said, the ram horn-cornucopia ideas are officially off the table, and the rest of the logos will still have to go through VCU branding. After speaking with Jill Whittie from VCU branding, these are the guidelines for using VCU’s logo:

 – ”we can use VCU’s official logo, as long as we do not make any changes to it.
– or we can create our own logo, as long as it looks nothing like VCU’s official logo”
Jill said that it will be okay as long as we do not mimick VCU’s logo; she said that just
changing the fonts that we use would help to keep us out of trouble with the “brand police.”
Knowing this, I can move on without having to worry about my other designs. Once things become a bit more polished, the logo will have to pass through the branding in order to become official.

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