Clever Negative Space Logos

On a side note, I found this online:  Clever Negative Space Logos,  and found it to be very interesting! Just like I researched the other food pantry logos, it’s also good to research outside of the context (so I guess this woud The best logos are always ones that can say a lot but have minimal detail. The idea here is to play with negative space, which is the space surrounding an object. Take for example, one of the most famous logos in the world, the McDonald’s arches.

Mcdonalds copy

The M and name of the restaurant are both the objects of the logo, also known as positive space. Everything outside those (the red) would be considered negative space. Ignore the Trademark in this case. You get the idea.

Though I don’t know if I’ll use the negative space method, I definitely want to try and have a relatively simple logo. One that is recognizable from far away, and easily legible.


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