Don’t overcomplicate things

Overall, I’m happy with the second round of logos, but there were definitely a lot of mistakes made in the process…

1.) I learned it’s good to give your client options, but not TOO MANY options. Excuse my French, but that just gets too damn confusing for everyone involved. I limited myself to 6 different options, tops, after almost sending them this nightmare:


Look at that monstrosity! Thankfully, I had more common sense than that, and this never saw the light of day. If you get to this point, I don’t think the variety is being helpful so much as it is obnoxious. Unless your client specifically requests something like this, I don’t recommend it. No need to confuse anyone. Even just showing everybody the six options ended up backfiring a little bit. When I showed everyone the scans, the feedback was very positive, but everyone at least had a distinct favorite of the group (which helped narrow things down). After sharing the more detailed files done in illustrator, almost everyone told me:

“Wow! I originally really liked [insert random logo option here], but after seeing these I can’t decide! They’re all great!”

That was very flattering, but it essentially erased most of the narrowing down that I had gotten, and put me back at square 1. Oops!

2.) So far this project has been going along fantastically, but I do have one regret. The third logo option, the fork and people, has become the bane of my existence. I do not like that logo, and the other two are considerably stronger. It getting voted into the top three caught me completely by surprise. My advice to anyone else doing something like this is to not create additional stress for yourself. I should have scrapped that logo ages ago, and even though it’s highly unlikely that it will be chosen over the other two, it still weighs on my mind.


Depicted:  My feelings toward the third logo.


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