Mandatory Intro is Mandatory

For this blog, I intend to focus around what goes into creating a good logo. My “Food for Thought” class has prompted me to create a blog essentially revolving around something that gets me involved in the food community of the city of Richmond. So far, I’ve found the class itself very interesting, but I really wanted this project to be something that helped me on a greater level with my other studies, art and illustration. I’m concerned about the state of the food system in America, but I needed a way to make this project more personable, and something that I could really get into. In a stroke of luck, shortly before the assignment began, I stumbled upon this:

It’s an article I found in The Commonwealth Times (VCU’s newspaper) talking about the start-up of a food pantry oriented specifically toward students in need. The idea of a student-oriented food pantry was actually started at Michigan State University, and since then the idea has spread. There is an enormous hunger issue among college students that goes beyond simply eating Ramen noodles every night.


Some students have no ways to work during the school year and have trouble affording groceries, international students can be left with limited options once they arrive in the country, and many students don’t even have the university dining plans. When new organizations start, one of the things often overlooked is the necessity of gaining a visual presence. And that’s where I’m coming in! With the start of the new pantry, they’ll need a distinguishable logo, posters, flyers, etc. The pantry will need a way to get the word out! This blog was initially going to revolve around methods of advertising, but unfortunately the logo will take up the majority of the semester’s time, so it will be my primary focus. After reading the article, I decided to approach the creator of the pantry, Terrence Walker, and offer my assistance if it’s needed. And my journey begins now!


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