Don’t Forget to Research

To the Research!

After speaking with everyone involved, I’ve gathered all the information I need for what they want to see in a logo. I was actually given pretty minimal requirements on what the logo appearance should be, so that gives me free reign to do what I want. It seems like the people involved aren’t precisely certain what they want it to look like, which is fine. This gives me an opportunity to learn from the Food Pantry’s “predecessors,” as well as normal food banks. Whenever I start a new project, the first thing I do is research it and learn as much as I can about the subject matter. The other students involved in the pantry all have their individual areas of expertise (finances, management skills, etc.), and now I’ve found mine! If I research well enough, I can make sure to be a reliable, go-to person in this field for the pantry. I know this isn’t exactly a professional business practice, but it will be good practice for working with clientele after (and possibly during?) college. My mindset in college right now is essentially to find any art opportunities available so I can gain experience. But I digress…

So, I’ve gathered up a collection of student food pantry and food bank logos from around the country to learn from. Some of things to keep in mind while I do this:

  • How have other schools done their logos? Regular food pantries?
  • What are key elements that people have included?
  • How simple or complicated are the designs, and how great of an impact do they have?



The first logos that stand out to me are the ones I absolutely do not like: text only pantries. Those are obviously a no-go for this particular situation. One of the things noted that I think is working really well are the logos with circles and more organic (non-geometric) shapes in them. Organic shapes are softer to look at, and I think have a more comfortable/comforting appearance. That may seem silly, but I guess it’s my own personal taste coming in. The Campus Food Pantry logo on the top left of the first page has a nice suggestion of everyone working together, though in my own logo I would like to show more of a connection between the people. I like the logo, but I did notice that it doesn’t seem to suggest the purpose of the group at all. Sure the text explains it, but from far away, this logo could be for anything; it could be for any church related group or event and I’d never know the difference. That is something that I don’t want to happen in VCU’s food pantry logo.

The “Feeding America” (first page) logo and Wright State University logo (second page) would have to be my favorites of the group. They’re not overly complicated, both have a simple, pleasing color scheme, and are cleverly done. I don’t know if I’ll be able to incorporate this element, but I would like to try creating a clever logo as an option at least. The other thing I’ve noticed from these is what imagery people tend to associate with food:  grocery bags, cans, a slice of bread, pieces of wheat, and forks. All things to keep in mind!

I’ve taken my notes on what’s working and what’s not from these, so I’ll know what to pay attention to.

  • Make sure the logo demonstrates what the organization is for
  • Keep common food imagery in mind
  • The well done, simple logos are some of the best
  • Being clever helps!

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