My name is Kelly Digman, and as of right now I’m a third year VCU art student who is majoring in Illustration. Illustrating has been my primary passion for years, but I’ve always held a fascination for the world of branding and logo design. As of mid-October 2013, I joined with other students and faculty at my school to help start a student food pantry, to help starving students in need. Creating the logo will be my first job. I’m excited for this project, and consider this a good opportunity to gain “real world” experience prior to graduation day. 

Photo on 2012-05-04 at 02.25That’s me!

This blog is going to revolve around just that. What goes into creating a logo? When an organization or business first gets started, it has to be given an identity, and a face. I think an organization having a visual presence is just as necessary as having a purpose and taking action. It’s a vital part of the operation that shouldn’t be overlooked! Now on to the Food Pantry.

So why does VCU need a Food Pantry specifically oriented toward students? Some students have no ways to work during the school year and have trouble affording groceries, international students can be left with limited options once they arrive in the country, and many students don’t even have the university dining plans. Students will become embarrassed over not being able to afford food, so they very often fall silent about the issue. This food pantry will be a way to help them, without a negative social stigma being attached. I’m passionate about this pantry because I don’t think there is any reason to be ashamed of needing a little help.


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